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Monthly subscription with Webflow Ecommerce?

Is it possible to provide monthly subscription service with Webflow Ecommerce?

Hey @CobainLives !

We’re currently in free beta with our newest app Simple Subscriptions for Webflow shops. Would love to have you!

The main benefit to the app is that you can sell subscription products from within Webflow Ecommerce products collection.

You won’t need to send your traffic to some external page or cart to get them on a subscription, instead you can just sell them like any webflow product. It can also and be purchased alongside your other non-subscription products, and will equally benefit from all the Webflow magic (cart, product templates, checkout page, etc…)

If you’d like to give it a try please go to the page I linked to above to sign up for the beta :slight_smile:

I’m available if you have any questions:
mack (at)

sounds great, would love to give it a try.


I’d like to learn more about this please? I’m building my webflow site at the moment and will be launching a subscription box so looking for a solution to manage subscribers, payments etc.


Hey @PERC_Coffee! Would love to work with you.

Can you please send me an email at mack (at) and I can get you set up on our free beta?