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More than 1 pin on Map widget


Hi from Portugal,

The new map widgets is sweet. But are you thinking on having the possibility of more than 1 pin?
it´s very common a client having more than 1 location, ex: 4 stores.

Rui Almeida


Thanks for the feedback @Rui_Almeida! We wanted to add this feature, but decided to release it quicker. Look out for it. thumbsup


Hey, @thesergie. Any news on multiple location feature?


Not yet @gamrot, but we have it on our to-do list. Thanks!


@thesergie Just wanted to add to this subject... I'm also hoping to see this feature!


Is there a way to do it manual in code?


Oh yes, you should use embed. And realize there's no emergency for Webflow to support a n-pin feature when you can embed, with real time preview, a fully-featured Google Map with a lot of points of interest, routes etc

Live preview in edit mode: on top, a Webflow map, on bottom, an embed custom Google Map

Same with preview:

So all you need is to be connected to Google, go on Maps and start tu create a custom map. You don't even need to make it public. Just grab the embed code and paste in WF.

And this gives you a ton of options:


Hoping the multi-pin map thing is coming along.

Guess I will try the embedded method vincent mentioned.