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Movie Opening Credits IX2


Hi folks! I wanted to practice text animations using Interactions 2 and ended up with this! I’ve re-created four opening credits so far… If you have any suggestions for future opening credits re-created in Webflow IX2, please let me know… Thanks for looking! Regards Kai


Stellar work sir :film_projector: :film_strip:


Awesome! Cool idea. Nice work :muscle:


Thanks very much guys! :slight_smile: I appreciate you commenting! All the very best! Kai :smile:


Great job once gain @Keejo . I’m a fan of your work.

If you want to test some animations, I’m sure credits from SlumDog Millionnaire (without the bollywood Dance) could be achievable in Webflow. It’s more camera movement than text animation though.


@StuM @jorn - No rush if you are busy but do you know why there are white glitch lines on the Terminator text? I’ve seen this before and not sure what it is as its happening on the text blocks and the ‘pixel’ div block? Any ideas? Thanks! Kai :slight_smile:


hey thanks @Pasint - that’s great to hear! thank you! :blush:

I will check out SlumDog… thanks… yes, I’m thinking more about the actual opening credits just using text blocks and concentrating more on the text animations… Thanks again! Kai :smile:


Sorry but I can’t see any glitches @Keejo. Maybe I’m tired and they’re in some way in sync so I can’t see them :smile:


Hi @jorn… thanks for replying! well, i guess thats good news if its only happening on my machine!

Thanks! Kai :thinking:


Bigtime Ace! Like the concept, and execution is crunk.


thanks @Throatscratch - that means a lot! ‘crunk’ is a good thing right?! :slight_smile:


I think so mate, I googled 80ies slang and on the page it was good. But yeah without the slang, it really is very nice concept mate. Can’t wait to see more.


hi @Throatscratch! ah! that’s good then! :wink: …thanks again! I added a couple of new ones today… godzilla and total recall… the total recall one is not quite the same - it was too tricky to replicate exactly with only text blocks! all the best! Kai :slight_smile:


Amazing work, as usual…



Thanks Blaise! appreciate it…! :smile: :smile: :smile:


Awesome! I do like the Godzilla one… Total recall yeah unless you are using say image which is one red vertical stroke, then repeat it on x axis with slight blur … other than that - it is absolutely fantastic. Now just add Leon opening credits :stuck_out_tongue:


This is unbelievable. Great effort was put into this. Thank you for sharing this with the community - from now on, I will try to integrate this into every footer I’ll create. Thank you sir. Well done!


hey @jarda! thanks very much, that’s very kind of you! …its my pleasure! :smiley: …all the best! :webflow_heart: