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Multi column slider with the ends more opaque


Hi everyone! I’m wondering if I can make the slides on each end of a 3 column slider opaque so the center slide stands out more. Is there also a way to have the text under neath the icon hidden until it becomes a center slide? Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @basil_Sco, welcome to the Webflow forum. Please provide a share link to your project, so we can see what you have done so far and advise based on that.

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Thanks Sam, Here is the read only link -

I’m attaching a screen shot and the website - you have to scroll down below -About Us



Thank you Sam! I love the action of the 2nd one. The way the pulses as the slide fades.


I took a look, tried what I thought, and I don’t know enough. If you could point me in a tutorials direction I’d appreciate it.


View in designer and copy the exact same classes and styles on the slider and also the elements within the slider.


the link takes me here

Then I go to the designer and see this - (what am I missing?)


I don’t see a slider to copy in the designer


I found it! Thanks again.


You’re welcome…


I got it up and running! Super excited. I’ll play around with the custom code next week. Thanks again!