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Multi-filter Mixitup Checkboxes not working IE11?


I’m currently working on a site which needs multi-filtering. I’m using the Mixitup library. Before I go any further adding in content and getting the design into shape I need to make sure I can get the checkboxes to work in Internet Explorer 11. The actual Mixitup filtering is working in other browsers.

Read Only (the project has to be published for the mixitup library to work, please see link above).

@sabanna Your example of Mixitup worked without checkboxes but when I test your example with checkboxes in BrowserStack with they stopped working:

Is there any way to make the Mixitup checkbox filtering work within Internet Explorer 11?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. A big shout out and thanks to @ pablostanley for the initial source of my project with his sample of the Mixitup library working.

Kind regards