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Multi-item Slider won't repeat without a huge gap when it reaches last slide



I needed help with my slider. I want the slide to repeat all slides without a break. Currently, when the slider reaches slide 7, it shows a huge gap before repeating slide 1. Is there a way to get all slides to repeat without any seams?

Here is my public share link:


Yeah there is one.

But I think there is also a bug when using flex elements within the slider element?
I think I saw a topic about this concern...but I ll have to look it up.



I tried it without flex and same problem.


Remove all Display-Properties from every Slide-Element (cankle slider, cankle slider-mask, slide itself).

If you need stiling for slide content, put a div into the slide and style that (e.g. use flex box to align a image within that)...


Then give each slide 25% width and you have a nice layout...


Your animated gif example still shows a gap at the end of the slides. I was trying to eliminate the gap..I want a totally seamless repeat of slides :frowning: Thanks so much for trying to help though! I assume that what I want is not possible with an out-of-the-box webflow slider element

#6 the slide is behaving really weird when it tries to repeat, it slides the slides in from the left instead of from the right, and the slides overlap. :frowning:


The gap is then closed if you give each slide element the % based on how many items you got overall...

if you set it to 25% you ll get 4 items each slide which in total you ll need 8 for two full slides and so on.
the overall number must be an even number though...

#8 what I want (seamless transition from beginning slide to end slide regardless of even/odd number of slides) is not possible at this time. Thanks!


Hi, I am hoping someone had a response for my slider animating weird now? it is a different is posted in an animated gif two posts up. The slides are overlapping each other on animate

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