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Multi-lingual website with non-identical content

Hello folks,

I am working on a multi-lingual news website (in English, Hindi, and Urdu). The articles posted on three versions of the website will be very different from each other. Whereas I can design a website where I am able to put content in different languages in Webflow, I am not sure how will the SEO work. Can the duplicated pages approach work for me? How will it work for the collection pages?

Also, I know that there is a way in html where one can language in the HTML tag. Is it possible to implement that in Webflow?

One example of type of multi-lingual website that I want could be

It is in English, Bengali, and Tamil. All three versions post different content.

in header on the right side we can see the different language options

Hi Adnan,

If your content is different on each page, and language is not the only thing changes, then the use-case is not “multi-language site”.

Similar to your example, each site has it’s own homepage, folders and subfolders. The URLs are not the same.