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Multi reference on collection templates


I have been trying to duplicate a collection template and I'm close but it just isn't working. Here is the background:
I'm using one of your templates ( Seaside Hotel & Resort Template).
Following the design of the "rooms collection template" I have customized the pages that I need, One, two & three bedroom condos.
The first collection worked great - one bedroom condo. I was able to bind the "Room Details" multi-reference item from the individual collection to the page:

The next two collections - two & three bedroom condos, I have the exact multi-reference field in the collections, but when I try to add this to the collection template page it lists all of the list items from the collection instead of just the items I have in the individual collection:

Here is my public share link:


Hi @websites Thanks for joining the community :smiley:

Seems like you are needing to find a way to filter your dynamic lists. You might want to try a different collection structure. Let me study your site a bit more and i'll let you know what tips I can give.


Any news on how I can accomplish using the multi-reference collection on my two other pages? I curious why it works on my one bedroom page but not my two or three bedroom pages since they are set up exactly the same way. I even tried creating a whole new collection for my two bedroom page but it still displays the entire list rather than just those items specific to an individual unit.

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