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Multi references issues


Hey I have a question.

I'm trying to use the CMS references and multi references to show some item but I have hard time to understand how the multi references works.

Basically I have two collections and one of the collection uses the items from the other to display some of their elements.

So when I use single reference I have no problem, I can click on the image and then display the image from the item referenced. Actually I wouldn't mind using single references, but they are limited to 3 and I need over 30 items. So I was thinking about using the multi-references but then when I try to link my image it doesn't work. I click on "get image from" > "Select field..." but then the field is empty.

How am I supposed to make that work ?


You can only use multi-reference on a Collection Template to show Items that have the multi-reference element, that you select. E.g. you have 10 shops, 3 of them have a multi-reference called "red" - then you can output all shops that have the property "red".

It wont let you select special html elements like images etc. with multi-reference. Its just a display filter ability. (if I am not wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


Oh okay, then how am I supposed to display the image from my items ?


Do you want to insert these items (in a dynamic list) on a normal static page OR on a collection template?


Well basically I would like to insert it in a normal static page if possible.


Basically I'm making a database of family tree from big companies.
So each page would be one company so one collection and on this page I need to display the members in the order (First generation / second / third / etc).

So I have a list with different list items and in it I put some columns and each column will contain one member. The problem is that I want to display the image of each member on the column by referencing them to the family tree collection.


If you have a Dynamic List, that gets its data from a Collection called "SHOPS" - you only can insert an image that is an element within the Collection "SHOPS". Multi-reference then comes into play when you only want to display certain shops with a certain multi-reference attribute (per dynamic list).

If you need further assistance could you please provide a more detailed scenario or paste your public link (if you want to).


So what I want to do is this :

Right now everything is static, but as I have to do that for a client that will need to be able to create new family trees like this one it get a bit tough.


Ah i see, well I m no CMS pro but I think it would need some sort of sub-category or sub-class in order to achieve some kind of hierarchy....I ll think abuot it but I m not quite sure if I get it fixed. Maybe there is someone out there that has more cms knowledge ...


Alright ! Don't worry and thanks for trying to help anyway ! I'll try to find a way or maybe someone will have an idea ! Thanks !


Alright, youre welcome.

This can easily achieved:

But any deeper structure (like in your example) is not yet possible I think.
Hope you ll get along.



Yeah that's what I am kinda worried about.
Actually I kinda have an idea on how to do it, but it would require to use many single reference.

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