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Multi vendor marketplace on webflow


Is it possible to develop an ecommerce website entirely using webflow that has user registration and support for multiple vendors? For example amazon.
I am open to exporting code if someone can suggest what next steps shall I take


Webflow couldn’t handle this. I wish it could as I have an interesting project coming up. I don’t know what Sharetribe is like, but it is on my list. There a multi vendor shopify plugins and obviously many wordpress options. It depends on your ambitions? looks like the scalable option.


Hi @Aeyxen
This is something Foxy can help with. Just depends on your specific needs. Feel free to reach out if we can help with anything.



I need custom logitics and user registration also multi-vendor support, is it possible with you guys?
I developed a prototype with your software


Hi @Aeyxen.
Thank you for getting in touch. Can you send more info on what you’re needing in relation to user registration? Do users need to be able to login and do something?



I want them to register before they can check out


@foxy will no doubt find you a good solution. However I am now looking a This will likely provide a powerful front end and admin functionality that this requires.


@HammerOz have you tried bubble for ecommerce?


No. I haven’t assessed it fully yet


@Aeyxen In your checkout settings, you can allow customers to checkout as a guest or create an account. Or you can force one of the options.

Are there specific actions registered customers need to be able to do after creating an account? We’re right in the middle of building out user/membership functionality for platforms like Webflow.



This sound great. How far away?


@HammerOz We don’t have a concrete date, but sometime in Q1 of 2019 is probably what we’re looking at. Until then we have some workarounds, depending on your needs. Feel free to DM us to discuss further.