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Multifiltering CMS + Google Maps with multiple locations

Hello everybody! :wave:

I’m working now on a CMS based real estate website: :raised_hands:
It’s going pretty cool, the Google maps with custom markers and Popup windows working fine with the collections, vice versa the search bar is under construction - forget it now. :sweat_smile:

I’m looking for a solution specially on this page: :point_up:

  1. First of all a big Thanks to @sabanna and her tutorial: ([TUTORIAL] MixItUp filtering plugin with Dynamic content) now I’m able to multifilter the flats/apartments from the CMS. :clap:
  2. Special thanks goes to @renanmufalo for his cloneable project: now the Google maps are showing all my flats/apartments from the CMS. :clap:

My question is, how to connect these two function. :man_shrugging:
I would like to achieve filtering the markers on the Google Maps as well as the flats/apartments with the same filters. :point_left:

So if I’m filtering for example by the “Állapot” category, I would like to see only the filtered flats markers on the map. :sunglasses:

Hope that somebody can help me with this, because I got stuck :see_no_evil:.

My read-only link:

For sure, if this website will be completed, I will be able to make a tutorial with clonable projects for everyone. :innocent:

Really appreciate any help You can provide! :pray:


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I found some information about filtering google maps markers here:

Now I’m trying to understand the codes and connect to my CMS dropdown filters.

I would really appreciate any helps. :pray:
Thank you!

Did it work? Looking forward to the tutorial and clonable project!

Hello @Gideon_Sylvan!

I couldn’t solve it alone, so I hired Chris Elson to do it. (Try to find him on FB = Webflow Designers group)
He builds custom components on Webflow. Highly recommended, trust me.