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Multilingual Best Practices fro WF in 2020?

Most multilingual workarounds in the forums are from a few years back.

@sabanna , you’ve helped so many people with this issue, I’d like to ask if you or anyone else has an update on the best practices to set up a bilingual / multilingual, given WF’s evolution.

What’s the best way to have 2 or more languages on a website?

  • Ideally, it would be:
  • SEO-friendly
  • Client-friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Low-cost
  • Plays well with CMS, @foxy and 1000 + products

I’ve seen @sabanna 's mentions of 3rd-party services (WeGlot / Multilingualizer) as well as workarounds for dynamic collections using Webflow’s CMS. Since then, I imagine these and other options have been tried and tested so…
What is currently the best option?

Planning for the future:
Is there an option that can be adapted to Webflow’s own multilingual solution when it comes out?

Thank you so much!


I’m having a bad time now as well looking for multilingual options and best practices. I have 2 websites delayed because of it and one that it does the work but it’s gonna be a headache if my client wants to change something (I’ve multiplied every page, translate it manually and relinked everything to it’s corresponding language page)

It would be awesome to have a webflow native alternative (already voted for it on the wish list) but in the meanwhile, I too would be thankful for anybody here in the forum to share their updated opinion about it :innocent: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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@sabanna @cyberdave do you have any suggestions? Always seem to find your answers on the forum very helpful. Thanks!

I’ve heard good things about Webglot, so we are using it for an Italian website I am doing. I can’t give you feedback yet, but their support is very good so far and so are the features and price.


It’s a shame that multilanguage is not a priority for Webflow. I rejected some good projects because of this meassing feature.

Please fell free to use my solution. It works very well, at least for 2 languages.

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Thank you @Hywel , That seems to be what most people are recommending and it is what I’m leaning towards. That their customer support is good is definitely a huge plus.

Please keep us posted about your experience with Weglot!

Thank you @mmbn I read through your solution and will come back to it later to see if I understand it all right. It seems quite clever, I’d just be concerned about the SEO aspect as part of the project is implementing an SEO audit that partner did for the client. I’ll check on her thoughts SEO-wise on this approach.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi All, still looking into this.

I’ve found WeGlot amazing, however, I’m concerned about preserving SEO for a site that’s being migrated. Anyone have experience with this? It’d be great to know if WeGlot is good at preserving the second language’s SEO after migration, as a lot of what I’ve found so far points to subdomains losing a lot of power, affecting marketing and search visibility.

@Hywel How’d it go? Curious if you have any feedback now, especially in regards to SEO.

I’ve tried weglot superficially and it seems great, but SEO has me concerned as mentioned in my last comment.

Hi again

Well, it all fell apart and the website was canned! So I can’t tell you about the effect on SEO. I would assume the SEO title and description should be part of any translation, but I’m afraid I have no experience of the effect on subdomains.
My apologies and good luck with your site!

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