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Multiple Choices on Drop Down

Hey gang, I’m trying to recreate this form ( using Forms on Webflow. You see how they have a way to keep selecting things from the drop down? Any idea how I do that? I check “allow multiple selection” but now the drop down just stands there with it’s mouth open and I want it to behave like the form I’m copying.

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Hey ho!

Creating this in Webflow alone is probably not possible. The referenced site uses a third-party called They embed an iframe element which loads the form and the required scripts externally. As far as I know, smartsheet uses react and react-select, which provides this multi-select feature.

You could search for other JS resources or libraries that provide such functionality or try and create your own…

Thanks RD! Yea I guess I’ll have to find a third party. They didn’t make their form responsive and it makes me have to scroll when I put it in my weblow frame (take a look at that link) Do they need to fix their iframe code?

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The iframe has a fixed width and height set as inline style attributes:
You could change those to make it fit better, with the downside of it being difficult to fit to every possible device width’s
Solution to that could be custom JS that gets the client’s width on page-load and sets the perfect width for the iframe…

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Thanks so much! By the way, I have another question, are you ready? I can’t get the site to go live and the client won’t give me access to their DNS. I told them to create two A records and the CNAME per webflow protocol but the site still won’t publish. Any ideas?

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Sorry for the delay, have you seen the video from Webflow for the dns settings?
Sometimes it takes up to a day for the changes to take affect…