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Multiple image-field: browser does not show 'alt-text' => alt-text next to image in a text-field possible?

Hello I’m trying to find a way to show the alt-text into a textfield.

for example: an exercice for people of my class is to make the website
So I want to work from a database where all the separate sections are discribed…

I changed the alt-text, but I want the alt text to be viewed next to the image.

my project:

Here is a project where multi-image field images alt tags are grabbed by custom code then displayed below the image. You could refactor it work with you needs.

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thank you very much for this solution… this worked when the text is after the image…
But I want to see my text before the image
So… I was thinking the best option is ‘flexbox: row-reverse’?

Or is there an other solution without flexbox
this I what I found out

Thanks a lot