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My experience with Shopify Integration

I’ve just noticed this thread and wanted to feedback some of my experience with the Shopify Buy Button. My reason for using it was that I needed a solution that allowed me to introduce a number of different shipping options based on location; some being local, some being posted. Shopify had a number of apps that could do this for me, but I love the design flexibility of Webflow.

The buy button was so easy to set up. You create a product collection in Shopify, add your product images, descriptions, prices, options etc and generate the buy button for the ENTIRE collection. You then paste the embed code into your Webflow site.

A while back I added a second collection and had that as another ‘category’ for Father’s Day. I had to paste in the embed code for that collection on a separate page and it all just worked, the cart would pick up items added from each embed and it feels exactly how a multiple category e-commerce site should.

Here’s a link to the site:


A little update from us at

We’ve actually stopped using the Shopify Buy Button.

Why? Because for us, it wasn’t flexible enough for our needs. Plus it was getting a bit annoying jumping between Shopify and Webflow.

We wanted to be able to add different purchase form fields depending on the product, we wanted the total price to change as quantity increased plus add extras that would give us a live dynamic price.

We’re now using and I am really, really impressed.

All products are managed within Webflow, meaning our whole workflow now stays in Webflow.

Plus we can manage the design of the purchase forms and the cart/checkout/receipt all from within Webflow as well.

Plus a massive shoutout to Josh @foxy who has given me the single best customer service of any app/software I have ever used, ever. Seriously.

Shopify worked great in the beginning, but I feel like it’s a stepping stone. I feel like our website now feels more ‘complete’ and it just feels more solid.

Happy to answer any questions on either Shopify or Foxy.


Really appreciate you coming back here to give us an update – that’s super thoughtful and I know it’ll save others and myself time when we’re making a similar decision :+1:

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Hey JTL,
Attempting to work with shopify apps after importing a template with Udesly. Looking at your second questions here: were you able to achieve this? Apps don’t work with buy buttons as Pablo_cortes suggested (or at least not product customisation apps like “dynamic product options”) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone, I followed the tutorial and created the buy button on Shopify, embedded it into my Webflow page. But I can’t seem to style it nor position it. It seems like the Buy Button embed will gravitate towards the bottom of the page. I added a section around the Shopify Buy Button Embed, added another section below that, and a footer section at the bottom of the page. It looks fine on the Webflow editor… But once I publish, the Buy Button Section just sinks to the bottom, and the Footer and middle section somehow just floats to the top. Any tips / advice?

I tried to edit the margin on the Buy Button CSS style and it still doesn’t seem to do the trick :frowning:

I like that illustration! Can you share a read-only link to your Webflow site?

Hey did you ever figure this out? Stuck on the same problem.

Thank you James! Here you go - Webflow - Uncertain Tea