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My first acquaintance with Interactions 2.0


For the pages of this site, I used only one type of animation (moving elements up and down with a scroll) from the new arsenal of Interactions 2.0 (for the main page I used the “full page” script from github). In the future, for new projects I will use other animations and show how I managed to implement them. If you will be interesting of course :slight_smile:

A huge thanks to webflow programmers for the work done. Everything works fine, without bugs.


Awesome! I really don’t have much to say, very nice piece of website :grinning:.
It was little hard to find and read that CLICK TO READ MORE text at the bottom though.


@jorn thank you for the kind words


Awesome - i’m with @jorn - love it!


Concur with jorn. I happened not to have the window full screen so I completely missed the words at the bottom and only realised it here.
For me the overlay is a bit dark but great start


Nice site. One thing; the “Click to see more” button is a bit hard to see. And the active area of close button in the upper left corner is a bit small perhaps. But again, nice site :slight_smile:

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