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My first website ever done. Thank you Webflow!



We have launched our non-profit organizaton called Tri For Charity. I did it in website in Webflow and it is my first website ever done, Im happy over the result and we are making changes everyday when we learn more trough the forum and get inspiration. Please tell me what you think.

My best,



The site looks great. Slick modern design, especially for your first ever website. I like the dropdown donate page too.


@Daniel_Remes great design, really enjoyable, One thing not sure if its only on my end but the login button has scroll bars in it? maybe something to do with overflow?
Also how did you set the site width to that size?



This is an awesome site Daniel! Really solid work. Love the focus on typography and imagery. Really clean and modern presentation. thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup


Thank you guys! I also want to say a huge thank you to @cyberdave for all his help with our site.
He is a hell of a guy! Also thank you to the whole Webflow team. Thanks to you we are bringing clean water to over 600 people in remote areas of Tanzania and counting!!!

Webflow changes the world for the better!


@daniel_cleayweb thanks for your response! I fixed the Login button scroling, i guess i had done that by mistake.

For the width I used custom code you can se below. Put that to head in custom code and put you values on how wide you want your containers to be.


well done Daniel! Very cool design for a valuable act. You got my support


the website looks nice smile

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