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My first Website - SchnauZug Movember


Hey Guys

After hours of try and error I launched my first real website.
It is still version 1.0 and I will add more content as soon as possible.
First, I used more interactions and fixed backrounds, but with them, I had lots of problems with older browser versions and so on, so I kept it simple.

It's in german, so I guess most of you guys won't understand any word smile
It's about our NPO. We try to push Movember in our region in Switzerland.

I really enjoyed working with webflow. I don't have experience in programming and I'm not a professional designer. But thanks to webflow I had the possibility to realize a cool project and made a good looking website. (at least for my standards wink )

Let me know what you think and where I do have big bugs or possibility to better things up.

Many thanks smile


Nice job! Love the parallax on the profiles. Very clean design well done smile


Well done! Didn't know it was called "parallax on the profiles" but I loved that part too.


Thank you very much smile

I searched now the forum, but couldn't find what I'm looking for.
Maybe some one can tell me, how I can set the text on the sliders fixed?
So that the image is changing, but the text and logo on top of it will stay?
I tried to put it on the "mask" but then it doesn't appear...

Many thanks!


Well done @schuler_joel! I love the darks with the blue. Looks great!

I also agree that the profiles and your use of Parallax is very well-incorporated.


Coool...Good job done. well laid out..nice


really creative on the team section! Moustache's!

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