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My New Portfolio


Hey everyone!

First time posting on the forums, just want to start connecting with other web designers/ webflow users.

Here's my latest portfolio re-design, second portfolio I've made on webflow. Messed around with interactions and learned a bunch along the way.

Any feedback is welcome!

My New Portfolio


Really nice site. It would useful if there was a little more about you on the site.

I'm planning on making a trip up to Kelowna this summer :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Alex, appreciate it!

Yeah I agree, I think I may add a section above the footer with a bit more info about me.

Let me know when you're out in Kelowna!


Will do! Same to you if you're ever in Vancouver.


Very nice and clean @CLZ !


Beautiful website @CLZ great job! :slight_smile:


Good choice of style. I like the combination of black and white, looks stylish.


Great site and awesome name. From another Camilo


Beautiful site design @CLZ, good job!

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