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My portfolio built with Webflow


Hi there and Happy New Year. I redesigned my portfolio, again. just deleted a wordpress install with this. I don't think i'm gonna blog that much anyway. I'm looking for some thoughts and first reactions. My goal was a simple site that I can show some of the things I love to do.


Nice Jorn!
Would like to see more of your work "bigger" on the page (vs the slider). Show off your code also! Keep it up.


Thanks Jonas76

Maybe I could add a page with my illustrations in a bigger format? I like Photoswipe, maybe I could integrate that for a full screen slideshow.

What do you by show my code? I like to fiddle with code I'm not consider myself a coder smile


Definitely show off your artwork bigger! No worries about the code (didn't know if you wrote a script or such that you wanted to show). I do illustration also so I always appreciate other peoples work when I can see it in large display.