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My portfolio site


I am working on finally getting my portfolio site up. I have huge "white" space and I think something should go there. Not sure what.


Also if anyone has any ideas on how to showcase websites that would be great. I'm thinking a grid with an option to click through for more info.


Hi @tjperry07
It is how your site looks on my screen

Is it should be that big letters is out of view?



The letters on the right should be like that. More of a style choice


Ok, got it smiley

Well, I am already curious how it will be all together blush


You and me both lol. I made a wireframe then hated it as soon as I started, so now I'm winging it.


Your tablet menu is not working.

The dropdownlist is the width of the hamburger.


I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!


Fixed. Good catch. grinning I'm still messing around and making changes and breaking it. So refresh the page often.