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My Site does not even show up when I search for the companies name


Hi there,

I recently made a site for a customer using Webflow but the site does not show up on Google even if I type in the company name directly.

It is indexed, as if I search for I see the site.

Does anyone can give me some insights on what to improve?

The link is

Thanks in Advance!


Hi @schoenling128

Have you checked out the Webflow SEO guides as an initial starting point/troubleshooting?


Yes, I did follow those guidelines and provided alt-tags and meta-info.

I am concerned that as my landing page has a lot of hidden content, Google will see this behaviour as spam.

Is there any way to see reccomandations by Google to improve your specific sites ranking?

Also: How long does it typically take for a site to show up on Google?

I am really new to the field of SEO and don’t seem to have the right way to do it.


There are a number of SEO experts around the forums - have you tried using the search feature (top right) to see if there are similar threads/ideas/solutions ?

You can submit your site to Google for example or wait for it to index, your site doesn’t have SSL - which might be a factor - but i’ll let others who have more experience give some input…


Hi @schoenling128,

Have a look at this answer i gave a few days ago.

Hope this helps,