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My site shows SSL certificate error in Chrome


Yesterday, I switch my site to SSL for secure issue.
The process is all good.
But the site show a error page very often after the change.

If I reload the site after few minutes, the site shows error page.
Or If I load the site in the normal condition, the result is same as previous one I mentioned.
How can I fix it?
Could you give me advice for this problem?

  • Here is the site link.

  • Chrome I used is up to date in OS X

Thank you!


Yesterday I had the same problem. Today everything seems normal…


Google chrome display this error if there is a problem with the SSL connection and your Chrome can’t verify the SSL certificate. In most cases, this issue occurs if the user has entered a common name which is not matching with the actual name. For example, if the user has entered but the SSL Certificate is issued for then you may face this warning.

To resolve of this error, the user should put the correct common name.

You should also try following ways to fix this issue –
Fix 1. Make sure the date and time is correct on your device
Fix 2. Check Your Antivirus Software or Firewall
Fix 3. Open the website in Incognito mode
Fix: Update Google Chrome
Fix: Clear Chrome’s browsing data

Check out this link for more info


I checked your website and it’s working fine now.

Let’s see here -

In future, if you will get any SSL related errors in your web browsers, you have tried to solve out the below possible reasons for getting an SSL Errors such as,

  1. Clear Cache & Data
  2. Check Proxy Settings
  3. Clear SSL Cache
  4. Remove Problematic Extensions & Plugins
  5. Disable Antivirus or Firewall
  6. Make Sure that Your OS & Chrome Browser is Up to Date

You can find solution of SSL certificate Errors by the browser wise at -


Well, I think you have solved the error.

This types of Errors occurs due to many reasons that well explain by Biren.

First check your system date and time.

Here, I like to share a blog that helps to remove this type of SSL error in Google Chrome. -