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My very first Webflow website


Hi guys,

This is my first post on the Webflow forum.

I'm here to introduce you my very first Webflow website, before I used to work on Wordpress.

The website is in french for now, as it is for my company and I might translate it in a near future.

Just to introduce you to the goals of this website : I need a simple presentation website, who looks sharp & clean. I want it to look as professionnal as possible and to feel like a modern one.
We're a communication agency and we mostly work on digital solutions.

I need you guys because I'm working on a 13" Macbook and I dont know if my website fits well on big screen size. I also would like to know if you enjoy the navigation (its a very simple one page website) and the animations, the colors etc.

Also if you have any ideas on how to improve anything feels free to tell me, I take every remarks/critics as well as possible and your opinion really matters to me.

Cheers to you all,
Have a blessed day,

Edit : Annnnnd I forgot the website link :
Edit 2 : this is a work in progress :slight_smile:


Woot, Congrates @teto fantastic first website :grinning:


Pretty dahm good. Well done


Bonsoir @Teto et bienvenue a Webflow!

Overall, the design is clean, minimal and elegant. Since you requested feedback, here are some thoughts:

  • I'd change the animation on the "Approche" section to opacity instead of moving up on hover. This is a design suggestion and as you know, design is subjective, so this is a personal opinion.
  • Also on this section, if you click the button "En savoir plus" you get scrolled to another section. What if I want to know more about other "Approche" topics? I have to scroll back up or get back to the menu and the user might not remember the section name... It is not intuitive, so I'd think about a way to improve the UX there.
  • "Idéation" section: why not using different colors for each subject to differentiate them?

These are just suggestions. Considere them as a positive design critique to help you improving.
You've done a great job so far, so keep posting your progress! :slight_smile:


Hi @Teto and welcome !

Very nice first design in Webflow, congrats.
I noticed one of your .svg seems to be boxed on my large screen, but except for that, everything seems to look correct. (27" iMac)

Also, you might want to add a little bit of margin / padding to your elements on smaller breakpoints, for example here :

Hope this helps !



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