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My webflow website takes awhile to load

Hi there,

I have recently created a new website with Webflow.

Though I have noticed the page takes a while to fully load. The two main pages I am concerned about are; and

Can you kindly advise/suggest ways I can speed up my website.

Thank you in advance.

what is your share link so we can view it in the designer? Can help better if we can see the structure. A quick speed test says there are possibly an excessive # of elements / styles. Have you done a cleanup of unused elements and interactions. The webflow.js script is very large but I don’t see any major interaction that should take that much space. Did you try different things and then not get rid of interactions or animations? Also there is a lot of time for fonts but you don’t seem to use that many so you can reduce by making sure fonts you aren’t using are not styled to any elements. You could do with some image optimization as well. That is just from a quick test.

The black is the javascript script loading before the first image comes up.

Hello Jeremy,

I appreciate your reply.

How do I share the designer link?
Would it be

Hi Jeremy,

Here we go:

On the first page I’d say your 15 second video at 6mb is huge so that would explain a slow load on main page. And since you have blurred it out you really don’t need it to be crisp I would optimize that.

But the thing I see is the huge number of elements on the page and I can’t see why that would be also that javascript seems really large as well. But that is as far as I can troubleshoot it for you. Maybe someone else can see where the load is. I can’t find it in the inspector in chrome even.
Sorry not much help

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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your help!