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My website has bugs when viewing it tablets/ipad


I have uploaded my website, here is the link

However I found that there are several bugs, for example most of the videos that I have embedded on the site does not show up, on browsers on tablets/ipad.

Here is a link to my site on webflow;


Hi @Ade_Adegoke

It looks like you are using custom code to embed each video, this may be why you are experiencing issues:

Alternatively, you can use the video widget which will work across all breakpoints.

Hope this helps!


Sorry but how would I do it your way. Could you show me how please?


Hi @Ade_Adegoke

You can check out our help article on how to add videos to your site.

In this case you can simply remove the html embeds from your site, then add the video widget, upload your videos urls, and give them the same class names. This will ensure all your styles and interactions remain intact.

Hope this helps!


Thank so much, you have a great help. My embedded videos don't work on Internet Explorer? Do you know how I fix it?


Video tag is supported in IE


I have just try using the Video tag & what @Brando recommend and they both don't work


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