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Nav bar does not work when I switch to Tablet or smaller in preview


Hello, I am not sure why but my navigation bar is unresponsive and does not work in preview mode as soon as I switch to Tablet, or Phone View. Everytime I click on a link in the nav bar for example "home" It just takes me to and says link is broken?


Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt , is it possible for you to share your public link to your site, (you can enable and copy this link from the site settings page in Webflow) and then we on the forum can look to see what kind of issue there may be. Cheers !



Hi Scott, sorry for the delayed reply. Try this, edit your Horizontal Line symbol, and within that symbol, select the Line class selector and change to be relative position and z-index of 900.

See pic:

Try that out and see how it works for you. Cheers !