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Nav bar move to top when scrolling?



I am trying to get my menu bar to move to the top of the page and stay fixed when scrolling, I'm using the interactions and left the initial appearance blank and in the scroll out I want it to move to the top of the page which is up about 220px, but when I try this it doesn't work. Help?

Any suggestions?


Hi @Quantumgo,

Can you please provide a read-only link here is how: :smile:





Any idea? The interactions confuses me somewhat!


Hi @Quantumgo,

You are looking for an effect like this:


Ahmad, Yes thats exactly what I am trying to do! I would also like to make a background color appear when I scroll down! How can I achieve this? :smile:


Hi @Quantumgo,

Ill make a quick screencast on how to do this effect can you please tell me what background color you would like your nav to be?



I would like rgba(245,229,217) please! :smile: Thanks so much!


Hi @Quantumgo,

Sorry for the delay my internet was acting up here is the tutorial:

Hope this helps if you need anything else don't hesitate to ask me :smile:




Thanks so so so so so much this is exactly what I wanted!! You rock!



Now I'm running into an error with the mobile landscape view, I can't seem to make the scroll into view one invisible. How can I fix this?


Hi @Quantumgo,

Can you please update your read-only link currently it takes me to a 404 page :smile:



Thanks so much for all your help!


Hey @Quantumgo,

Thank you so much for the kind comments :).

About the issue go in table view and select nav scroll and give it margin 0 that should fix it.




perfect, thanks! I'm still learning all of this so I appreciate all your help!


Ah I got it! :smile:


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