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Nav bar scrolling when should be at top


For some reason, once I added the following HTML code from Whova on the page, it made the nav bar scroll:

<div><div title="Whova event and conference app" id="whova-exhibitorwidget"><p id="whova-loading">Loading...</p></div><script src="" type="text/javascript" id="embeded-exhibitor-script"></script><div id="whova-wrap">Powered By <a class="brandlink" target="_blank" href=""><b>Whova - Best Event App</b></a><div id="whova-mgm"><a href="" id="whova-emslink" target="_blank">Whova event and conference app</a></div></div></div> 

What portion of this code to I need to alter or what do I need to do in order to get the nav bar to function properly? It only happens on this page. The rest are fine.

Here is my site Read-Only:
Here is the live page:


js issue

If i turn off javascript its works fine (Try with this tool - disable-javascript). Why? It’s hard to know (You use a lot of assets).

Anyway add this custom code (before head for this specific page) - should fix weird issue:

         overflow: visible!important;

visible = deafult value

And we override this inline style


@Siton_Systems Genius! Thank you so much. This did the trick.


Mark as solution to close this topic. Thanks