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Nav icon missing


Hi I must have accidentally clicked something and my nav icon is missing in the hover setting. How do I get it back?

This is when nothing is selected, which is fine.

This is hover, the nav icon is gone!


can you supply us with your read-only link?


Hello! Sorry should have done that before smile


Thanks! smile

But can you also provide a share link? This will allow anyone to look through your project inside of the webflow designer tool, but not make any changes smile


Is this correct? I didn't know there's such function! smile


remove the class name from your nav icon. then give it a new classname, then text align center it. smile
you did something with the hover state of the icon and changed the font family.

this should fix it smile


You are a genius and a life saver! THANK YOU!

I also have another question which I can view on my comp.

It's the menu on phone, it doesn't show the category"about", it only shows 3 out of 4 of the categories I have listed (menu, location, contact).

Could you help me with this also? smile

thank you thank you thank you!

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