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Nav logo link not working to homepage?


Hey guys,

My logo at the top nav will not link to the home page even though I have set it in Webflow to go to the homepage. When looking at the code in dream weaver it shows /#.. Like I never set it?

Can anyone help please?

Profile link:

Site: devmbphoto



sorry, forgot to post the shareable link.

devmbphoto webflow file


Hi @seank, thanks for the post.

When you export the files, the logo link block should be pointed at index.html. Can you re-export and then take a look in the couture.html page, on the logo link, and check that?

If you can, please take a screenshot if it is not appearing correctly. I am not sure if Dreamweaver is somehow changing the link?

Here is more info about exported files:

I tried to reproduce the issue, but on a test export, I get index.html, not "/#"

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I'm happy to assist further! smile



@cyberdave, it seems it still is showing the /# as the link. I used another adobe program called Edge Code CC to do the code editing.

I do see when I export the code and do not open it with any program it does show index.html and the link works properly. However I do need the capability of exporting code in my div element for my gallery. What do you recommend?



Hi @seank, I am not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, but if you open the exported file, which is using relative paths, and update that link after import to dreamweaver (or whatever tool you want to use), and point to index.html instead of "/#", I am thinking that may solve the issue in the short term.

As far as why this is changed by that program when imported to another took, I cannot say. We produce standard html5 pages using a relative path structure.

We export the .html extension automatically for all pages.

I would suggest to create a step by step list, how you are getting from the export file that works, to the state where it does not work, and check each step of that process smile




You're right, all of Adobe code editing products broke the main link. I have no reason why. When opened with sublime text 2 and edited and saved, the main image link works perfectly.

That is a weird one.

Thanks for your help Dave!



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