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Nav Menu and Dropdown not working in desktop chrome



I am confused as to what the problem might be since the web used to behave perfectly a week ago, and also because of the fact that it works fine in Safary or Chrome on my Iphone 6.

I have read similar problems in other posts and have tried their solutions, which I list here, but still not working for me:

  • My problem is not a hover issue.
  • I have raised the ‘z-indez’ for my ‘Navigation Menu’ to 10000 to see if that would help, but it does not.
  • I have cleared my chache files.

My proyect:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @retosmontesquie

The nav appears to be working as expected on this end:

Can you please ensure you are on the latest version of Chrome, then try testing in incognito window?