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Nav menu breaks in Safari (beta)


Hey guys,
I've run into an infuriating little problem that I've been trying to fix all night.

The inbuilt nav breaks when using a background javascript animation; the menu links do not work and it opens with an animation but closes without it.
This ONLY breaks on MacOS safari - works perfectly fine on Chrome for mac and (oddly enough) IOS safari.

Here is a test site highlighting the problem: http://broken-javascript-nav.webflow.io/

My developer friend has looked through the script for the background animation and insists that there is nothing wrong with it. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?


Hey @WillNeeteson

Thanks for reaching out! That's definitely an odd behavior... The fact it's only broken on Safari and only for opening animation sounds strange. I have notified the team and we'll look into this issue to see if we can help or if it's a browser-related problem.

I'll keep you updated!

P.S. Oh... just to clarify, it's not a problem with your code at all :slight_smile: It can be seen on blank site with NavBar only on it.


Thank you for your quick response, hope we can fix this!


Hi @bart, is there any word on the fix for this? My website is going live soon and it would be great if everything worked :slight_smile:


Hey @WillNeeteson!

Can you please confirm what exact macOS and Safari versions are you using? Screenshots are appreciated :slight_smile:



Sorry, didn't see your reply until now. I am using macOS Sierra and the latest version of Safari. I have just figured out that the problem only occurs on a 21 inch iMac and not the 13inch Macbook pro. Very strange!


Hey @WillNeeteson

Thanks for your reply. I've noticed that this error only happened on Safari 11 and MacOS High Sierra (beta system). Can you confirm that the error you're experiencing is on a machine with beta software?



Great to hear back from you. I am on the beta version of MacOS sierra (not high sierra) - but version 10.12.6 and safari 10.1.2. Is this the problem?


Yeah, that could be it. table releases don't have that issue, so I assume it's something that has changed in Safari beta.

Nevertheless, our team will look into this issue as the new Safari leaves its beta stage at some point, so things will be working as expected. I don't have any eta for it now tho. I hope you understand :bowing_man:

Let me know if there is anything else I could help you with.



Good to know that that's the issue. Thank your for your help!


Hey @WillNeeteson!

If you have downloaded latest update from Apple of macOS 10.13beta4, you should have this issue fixed on latest Safari :slight_smile: Iā€™m unsure tho about public beta releases, so if not - you might wait for public beta3/4 to land (not following public beta versioning, so unsure here).


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