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Nav Menu Button Slow in Chrome


I have designed this site:

On mobile when the nav Menu icon is clicked after the site is scrolled down the navmenu opens with a delay of about 1-2 secs.

This happens only on Android and not everytime but every second time.

I also removed all the other interactions to see if this is the cause but no solution so far.

Can anyone try to recreate this error and in the best case: help?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes, I’ve noticed this behaviour before. It happens on all my sites and it’s bugged me for quite some time!

It happens when the user presses the menu button while scrolling - or shortly after a scroll has finished. I’ve noticed that if the page is static for a few seconds - i…e the user hasn’t scrolled - then the menu button is quite responsive.

Interestingly however, I built one site recently - and the menu button on this is super responsive. Test it ou! I’m not sure why. It uses the menu type “over-left” and it is absolutely positioned to the bottom left of a fixed nav bar.

I just tried duplicating that site and using the very same elements and this duplicated site shows the same lag with two different types of menu button positioning -

Anyone insight from Webflow?


Oh, at least I am not the only one experiencing this issue. It drives me crazy!

I have also found to have a working top nav menu.

In my opinion this is a major bug and has to be fixed ASAP as otherwise the mobile nav menu is not really usable.


It does definitely need to be addressed.

The menu button on has the same lag for me also on my android (Galaxy S5).


i just tested it on a Galaxy S7 and it is still an issue so it doesn’t seem to be down to a slow or old device.


Furthermore the error can be reproduced even on Desktop chrome when you switch to mobile view so performance power cannot be an issue.

I also tested it on an iPhone 5s and an iPad - no lag there. I suspect it to be a chrome specific problem.


You’re right - it seems to be some issue with Chrome.

@Waldo @PixelGeek @Brando

Can you look into this?

  1. Open
  2. Press F12
  3. Toggle the device toolbar
  4. Scroll and press the menu button


Hi @schoenling128 @Diarmuid_Sexton

Thanks for posting about this issue and providing great detail. This definitely sounds liked odd behavior.

I followed the steps per your instructions @Diarmuid_Sexton and was able to see lag when opening the menu.

Here is a GIF showing the behavior on this end:

I noticed this is especially laggy if the page hasn’t fully loaded when the menu button is pressed.

I tested this on iOS + Chrome but was unable to see the issue there. Is this true for you as well?

So far it looks like it only affects Chrome desktop (Devtools) and Android + chrome; correct?

​Thanks in advance for your help with this!


I’ve tested and produces this laggy behaviour with:

  1. Chrome Desktop (Devtools) on Windows 7 (x64)
  2. Chrome on Android Phones (Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S7)


You are right, I have also tested iOS + Chrome on my iPad and wasn’t able to recreate this bug.


Excellent, thanks for the additional info @Diarmuid_Sexton and @schoenling128!

I’ve reported this all to the team and we are looking into this now. I’ll report back here when I have an update for you.

Thanks again for your help with this :fist_right: :fist_left:


Hey Brando,

Any news on the bug?


Hi @schoenling128

Thanks for following up here!

This issue seems to be performance related, rather than a specific bug. We now have a team of engineers dedicated to Performance. They are actively working on some platform updates to monitor and improve the performance levels across the board.

This issue among others will be addressed by the Peformance team. I don’t have an exact time frame for you but we hope to have this resolved soon.

​Thanks in advance for your patience.