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Navbar link to Section Issue - Section not lining up directly under Navbar


My site is a 1 pager with a fixed Navbar linking to the Sections with IDs defined (followed the example in the forum). When I click my "About" navbar link which links to my "About" section, it doesn't load up directly under the Navbar, but with a gap that shows part of my "Home" section. Print screen of this below.

My Navbar is at the root, inside the Body element as other topics suggested.

Here's my read-only link:

I'm using Chrome Version 42.0.2311.135 m

Thanks for your help solving this.


There is nowhere to scroll. The page is only a few px bigger then the browser screen. When you add more content below the about section the about section will move further up the screen when the link is clicked.


David, Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry I overlooked that. I was just trying to confirm I had that setup right before building more sections.

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