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Navbar not as weight as the rest of the page


Hello Community,
i am new at webflow and my english is not the best..
so my problem is:

i want to have a menu structure without buttons, instead i want to use pictures. above these pictures i made a section, in this section i put a row and into the first column of this row i put the first part of the logo and in the second column i put the second part of the logo.

so now i wanted to fix that section to the top of my site, this also works but the section is not as weight as the remaining pages.
i set the with and the height of my section to auto but now it is still to small and the logo can't bee seen...

thanks for help!



Hi @Annabel_Falk, thanks for your post smile Can you please update your post with the read-only link to your site?

Posting guidelines can be found here:

Thanks in advance! smile


using safari Version 8.0.6 (10600.6.3)


Hi @Annabel_Falk, thanks a lot for the update smile Try setting your header class to have a high z-index, in my example, 3000 below:

Then check it again smile



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