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NaviBar creation with Login Search and Languageswitch


Hey Guys,

i want to create a Navibar like that

is it possible in webflow, if yes - how :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for your help



Hi @tobihobi24,

For now, Webflow doesn't have a widgets/elements with user LOGIN functionality. And for site search, you will have to use some 3rd part application/service and embed it via custom code.



Hi @sabanna,

Ok thanks for your quick response, forget aobut the Login, search and language switch. I try to take that afterwards with code.

But i have another question, is it possible to get some subpages, so if i click on carerr level i want to show some other sites under it.

should look like that

thanks for your help



Hi, Tobias (@tobihobi24)

Here is Tutorial about Dropdown element, I think it is what you talking about

P.S. One of the images has an old UI, but I think you will understand it :slightly_smiling:



Hi @sabanna,

Thanks for the Link :slightly_smiling: will watch it on Monday :slightly_smiling:

The screenshots are from an .pptx file - I've only made the first look and feel inside powerpoint and now i try to get it in webflow - I'm pretty far away from HTML / CSS coding since 2011 :smiley:


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