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Navigating to a section on another page from menu?


Hi all,

I’d like to link from my main menu to a section on a page… is this possible?



Hey @trystudio,

Yes it’s possible, you need to add an ID

You can change it in the settings of your div

Then on your link button choose the id

Hope this helps


Also if you want to go to a section of another page, you ll need to put the url directly.

To create your url you just add #ID after the slug

for example you have a site that is

You add a button on home that redirect to the page

You want your button to redirect to a particular ID section : #testid

You write this


Your second post was what I was looking for. I wanted to be able to link to a section of a different page.



Great @trystudio i’m glad it helps :slight_smile: