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Navigation Is Jacked Up and I'm Lost


I've got two issues I can't figure out.

1) Because of the size of my logo and the number of nav items that have to be shown, I tried putting the logo on one line and nav items on another. However this is now covering up some of my hero section (see below). I can drop the hero section by 160 pixels to duct-tape fix it, but there must be a more smart way to solve the issue.

2) On the mobile screens, the hamburger square changes to a purple once clicked. Can't figure out how to change it. When I click on it, it shows the color I want (red), but can't find where to change the "click" color.


1) Since this is a one-pager, where the nav is actually a table of contents for this one page, why not try and just only show the logo in the top bar. But after you scroll down a bit, a mini nav bar slides down from the top and shows your logo icon (not the name of the bank) and the nav items.

Kind of like this:

2) after you open the mobile menu, click on that element and you'll see that it will have a subclass added to it. change the color of it.

Hope this helps you out smile


Thanks for the input, but ...
1) It's a spec requirement that the entire logo stay in the nav as the page scrolls.

2) I see the subclass "hamburger" and the color show is correct. The issue is when you click it that it turns from red to purple; that's the step I can't figure out how to fix/change.


1) hmm... thats a tough one to solve since your logo is sup wide. Maybe make the nav font smaller?

2) this video should explain it for you =)


I guess you need Flash to view the video you sent. My Mac doesn't like it.


I solved Issue 2. Thanks for your help.

Still trying to figure out Issue No. 1


Hi @chrisgreer33, are you still experiencing issue with the nav menu? I took a quick peek at the site and things look different than the original screenshot:

Cheers, Dave


When I didn't hear back from you or anyone on the forum, I moved in a different direction.

I'm still experiencing the "shaky" effect in the live site when scrolling up and down. If you could look into that I'd appreciate it.


Hi @chrisgreer33, thanks for the update smile I am taking a further look at this in the other ticket you created for the jumpy navigation.


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