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Navigation not working on mobile


Hi awesome webflow community, on the site:

When you click on the nav on mobile (iOS) and choose a menu item like Portfolio or Team, it doesn't scroll down to the appropriate container section. It works on web, not mobile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks! :smile:



Works perfectly over here on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s. (Tested Portfolio and Team)

Can you give us more details on the behavior so we can reproduce it?


Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Here is a video I just made to recreate it on the iPhone 6 plus:


I'm getting odd behavior over here, too, but only on Chrome on iOS. Works perfectly on Safari on iOS.

Could you share your read-only link so we can take a closer look?


iPhone 6S Safari works great as well as OS X iOS 9.2 iPhone 6S simulator. Tho one thing... I wasn't able to touch-scroll from hero section making it extremely difficult to navigate throughout the page. I like the effect in the background, but that shouldn't interfere with the overall UX.


Going to second what @bart says about the effect. I kept getting caught on it when I was using iPhone.

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