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This is my first template experience and my navigator drop-down list (for tablet, and both phone views) does not go to the correct page links that I coded - it goes to webflow pages? Will this be corrected when it is published? The computer view works perfectly.


Thanks, Anita


Just a guess, but maybe your menu for desktop is not the same element that the menu on mobile... it's maybe a duplicate for design reasons and you'd have to edit the items and the links for both desktop and devices.

Can you share you public link?


Hi @fordsvilleweb, there is some strange behavior that we are investigating, that causes mobile mobile links that are part of symbols to not work correctly in the preview mode only. The links will work in preview mode if the link you are trying to use is not part of a symbol.

We are working to correct the issue as soon as possible. The issue should not be occuring in the published site.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I'm happy to assist further! smile



Here is a link to something I noticed regarding the tab bar after I wrote the note below

Hello Vincent,

I made all the link changes to both and I think they are the same element...hopefully.

Thanks so much,


Here is a link with some additional information regarding my navbar issues that I discovered after I sent the note below.

Thanks Dave,

What coding or formatting made the navigator drop-down links for mobiles and pad part of a symbol and how can I tell if mine are part of a symbol...and how do I NOT make them part of a symbol so they will work?



Hi @fordsvilleweb, thanks for the update. The link is not working for me, is it possible for you to check that? Thank you in advance smile Dave


Sorry Dave, I attached the wrong link last time - this time I attached the diagram as a jpeg.

Thank you for your help,



Hi @fordsvilleweb, thanks, it looks like your navbar is part of a symbol, so when the navbar has the mobile dropdown, those links in preview mode will not work due to the mobile links in symbols bug that is still open. This will not affect to published versions of your site.

If you change the page names in the template you purchases, you will also need to change the links manually, those are not automatically updated when the page changes (not yet at least).

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I'm happy to assist further! smile



Thanks so much Cyberdave,

I had changed the page links before I sent you the graphic but the shadow box that appears at the bottom far left of the screen still had the old link (name) but the link went to the correct page.

All is well though, after I loaded the website the phone and pad links all go to the right place just like you promised.

Thanks again, by the way, I noticed that if you publish outside of Webflow you cannot make your site public - right?



Hi @fordsvilleweb, you should be able to make your private site that is published, public. (say that 20 times fast smile Is that the question? Maybe I misunderstand smile Cheers,


Hello Cyberdave,

I tried to say it 20 times and flubbed it up every third try... Yes, that was the question. You see, when I tried to make it Public I am asked to publish first. Since I publish to another provider by their ftp software and upload the files your software does not know that I am published.

So I believe I must stay private, don't worry I'm okay with that. But I wanted to confirm I was understanding the situation? smile

So I asked those with much wisdom...



Hi @fordsvilleweb, thanks for the update. Has the site ever been published? You will need to publish that one time in private mode, then set the site visibility to public. Public sites are published, and will be shown in the Discover section.

If you do not want to have your site listed in the Discover section, then keep the site private smile

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I'm happy to assist further! smile



Hello Cyberdave,

The site was published with the site provider's FTP software and it is Public now.

Thanks so much for your help,

Cheers back to you,

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