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Navigator Improvements


Hi guys, we just rolled more improvements to the navigator, and I wanted to make sure you're aware of them. Let us know what you think, or report bugs/issues if you see them! smiley

Better Drag Precision

You now have a lot more control of where elements are dropped. When you want to move up the folder/DOM hierarchy, just drag slightly to the left and Webflow will target the appropriate parent element.

Auto Edge Scroll

If you have a lot of nodes and a scrollbar is visible, dragging near the edge will automatically scroll down. The closer you get to the edge, the faster it will scroll, so you can control the scroll speed as needed. (Note: We've also made this improvement to the main canvas when you're dragging near the edges there as well!)

Expand All / Collapse All Shortcuts

For those times when you don't want to click through each individual folder:

Auto-Expand on Hover

When an element is collapsed in the navigator, hovering over it while dragging another element will expand it. (Note: We're still squashing some bugs on this feature, and hope to roll out some subtle improvements in the next few days.)

And more...

  • When clicking around the canvas, the sync with the navigator is smoother
  • Scroll animations in the navigator don't get confused if you click on elements quickly in the canvas
  • The orange outline indicating the new parent of a dragged node is more accurate
  • The javascript-based scrollbar has been replaced with a native one for snappier
  • Visual lines separate individual rows (hint: more design changes coming soon!)

Moving 'Sections' in Navigator Tab
Navigation panel : folding / unfolding parent elements

You guys are amazing!! great job


Yes ! I was waiting for that. Good job.


YES! Best update so far! These seemingly minor tweaks have improved the usability in a huge way. Thanks Webflow team!


That's very cool stuff guys! very well done, thank you


This is what we waiting for TY


These improvements are more than welcome! Goodbye workarounds smiley


I have to say I was waiting for this patch for a loooooong time. It's been a year and a month since I'm using Webflow already ;). I can't wait for further updates!


The last few improvements have been great! Thanks guys! Now if we can only have dropdown navigation, email attachments and html5 video sliders and backgrounds built in natively I will be one happy camper! Keep up the good work!


@Dreamvinci, you can already check out the dropdowns - they are already in Webflow, but behind a Beta shortcut: smiley


@callmevlad Amazing thanks so much!! Now I'll only be praying for html5 video sliders next! lol

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