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Navigator on the left

Dear Webflow users!

I accidentally turned on Beta mode I think. My Navigator is on the left side at the moment. But the beta switch button has disappeared! Where can I change my panel back?

Erik :slight_smile:

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As of today, the beta is now over and the navigator is fully on the left.

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No. No. No.

This only serves to take away screen space and certainly isn’t helpful.

An unwanted change. Why not make it a User setting to allow us to decide where we want to place the Navigator. If it’s consistency for shared projects that you’re worried about then have the UI be a user specific setting.

Kills my workflow and makes Webflow unusable.


I usually enjoy these updates, however I can’t help but feel you left those with smaller screens out in the cold here. I develop on a retina 2019 13-inch macbook pro.

Before, I could have the navigator open on the right hand and freely click around the elements on the site and see the tree structure perfectly. I was able to do this without sacrificing screen space.

Now, I have to either pin the navigator to the side (unrealistic on screen my size since I lose too much real estate), or have it continually close by itself while I click around the site.

Here is a gif showing this, and I hope you can imagine my frustration:

I understand that you did this for a reason, however I hope you can see where this isn’t a very good user experience from my end. Not everyone has the luxury of developing on large monitors.

A possible solution would be to not have the navigator close automatically when clicking around the site, but only close when hitting the ‘x’ icon.

At the end of the day, I’m having a difficult time understanding why those of us with smaller screens now have to choose between valuable real estate or poor user experience.

Having it on the right hand side was so perfect :confused:



When the navigator was on the right you could drag elements, images etc. directly across the screen (left to right) - and into the navigator. It felt natural.

Positioning the navigator on the left (below the elements), makes this difficult and awkward to achieve.

Not really sure why this change was required. Appreciate the hard work of the Webflow team developing this, but it is probably the worst upgrade that Webflow have rolled out in my opinion.


I know some of you may be disappointed. I started using it on the left when the beta came out. I made Shortcut = z my new best friend. Try adding that to your workflow.

this is so so so so so so so so so so DANG DUMB. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS. REVERT




Now, if you want to add an element while also having the navigator open you are sh*t in the wind. Did anyone really gather feedback on this or see how many times people decided to “not” do beta? Make an options menu and allow us to revert back to original settings. Poor.


Not going to lie, I am not a fan of the left-side navigator.

While I can see its utility, having the option to switch between sides like the beta was great.


Please allow user to use previous beta switch so can use Navigator on right for laptop screens that are too small for left navigator that covers work area. Since beta is over and large screen users like left simply rename beta switch to something else.


It is a really strange decision on Webflow part, — I have outlined some of the UX issues here Navigator Panel usefulness is drastically reduced on small screens as an overlay panel

There is an age proven (think OS level multi-year development) UX rule to not change core functionality in a way that will break its use case for any significant number of users.

When faced with such a scenario, while having developed a useful alternative implementation (for a significant number of users) it is best to implement a preference panel with an option to toggle between the 2 valid options.

This is how Adobe programs developed over the years, satisfying an extremely wide range of user preferences. Functional redundancy is a sign of well developed mature applications.

Effectively given Webflow feature growth your path forward must include ability to toggle features. There is no one-size-fits all solutions.

Nonetheless its a good place for you to be.
Signifies product maturity.

Now please add the toggle back in


Why not just duplicate the container element, keep the original on the right hand side and toggle with media queries.

Unless your architecture does not allow for duplicate elements, or some functional implementation there of. If that is the case that will make future additions of functionality changes much more challenging, — user pushback will grow, as you are forced to make +/- updates such as this one

chances are they did gather feedback through usage data. however it is possible that majority of users are large screen and thus either supported or had no problem with the change as it did not affect them negatively

it would be interesting to know if they applied screen size filter to the data. given how objectively impeding the overlap panel is on small sized screens, my assumption is that they may have missed it.

alternatively they may be intentionally forcing users to change — which is an odd path


Totally agree with the others and never complained before, but this is a silly change.

It was so natural and easy to select an element then change its characteristics, now we have to fly backwards and forwards across the screen to get things done…

Really poor UI


Please make it a an option to still use the Navigator on the right. It’s totally useless on the left for small screens. Makes it really hard to use Webflow.


I guess I am of the minority for the right side. Why does it have to be on the left? why can’t we choose? The navigator should be by the side where you are doing all the editing. It just makes sense.


Can I like your post ten times?

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Hey all :wave:

When adding an element, we made it so you can open and close the navigator while holding an element using the Z key. This makes it easier to add either directly to the navigator, or add it to the canvas if you are using a screen smaller than 1440px.

We really did. This was not just a small group, but our entire user base for approximately 2 months. We were able to see anonymous data on what screen sizes were used, and how many time the user switched between left and right.

We fully appreciate that there will be users who are not a fan, and when it comes to changing your workflow that you’re used to then it’s not ideal, but it’s drastically improved the workflow of thousands of users, especially when creating interactions and we hope that you may feel the same given some time with it.

With future enhancements, maintaining a left and right side navigator is not a viable option.


Until I start seeing users post about how happy they are with their new workflow, it’s hard to believe Webflow considered user input at all. You mention you collected anonymous data of how we use the designer, however I feel that this data was misinterpreted.

We didn’t ask for the change, and we certainly didn’t want to be forced into it. We pay a lot to use this platform and we like it, but when it become unusable and starts taking away from our workflow a lot of users will begin to seek out the competition.

You can avoid this by making the designer customizable. Let us choose where the Navigator is positioned.


I don’t understand how it is not viable to let us choose. Just don’t change what you already have with there being an option to choose. Future enhancements seems like a weird explanation. Also why didn’t you have a poll? You could have had a poll for two months and let people vote.