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Need a full test environment

PLS… Webflow.

It’s almost impossible to develop a eCommerce site when you can’t walk thure the whole order process.

I have said it before and here i comes again. Can you pls offer a development mode where you can run thrue the whole process doing an order, geting mail been able to access the checkout page and more.

It’s almost an impossible mission to develop a site without be able to test all functions


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@JanneWassberg I dont have the answer for this, i also am very interested how others do this

@new_work_city you can do what rhe system allowed you. Meaning develop all visual stuff. You can’t test the full flow.

  1. You can’t test checkout and cart
  2. You can’t test mail automating
    3 you can’t test anything regarding orders
  3. You can’t test payments
  4. You don’t know what data is returned from payment gateways
    and some other suff.

The rest of the testing can be done after you have paid for the eCommerce hosting.

In my world here in Sweden my customers more or less demands to se a full test before taking final decision.

I have my own PayPal accounts and Strioe accounts but they are useless since I can’t use the full product when testing. Then it’s another thing will I host it or will I transfer the project to my customer? If my customer want me to transfer the project how can I finish the project without testing.

Don’t misunderstand me I love Webflow, really love :heart: it. But as a software developer it’s frustrating to note be able to test my stuff.