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Need feedback for Tasmi Template


Hello Guys!
Here is the template I am designing. It's not completed yet, just started. Many things are remain to do. I just want your feedback on design and hopefully other issues. In time being I will add more section and then apply interactions as well.

Here is the link.


Hi @mithualamin75, looking good so far :slightly_smiling: It looks like you are just beginning with this site, so I can understand there is more designing fun to be had :slightly_smiling:

A couple of things I noticed:

1) I would add some hover states to the nav links
2) I would maybe bring up the slider navs a bit, looks a bit funny located so far below the hero content on the slider

I can't wait to see how you build this out :slightly_smiling:


Hello @cyberdave , Yes I just started. Long way to run. I will continue the design and follow your instructions. I will be very happy if you provide me more suggestion in time being. I will thank you for mentioning the 2 issues :slightly_smiling:

Have lot of plan with webflow. Just loved the platform. :smile: Will let you know once I complete the template.



I would remove the swear words in your template's hero background image.

Also, I would make the nav sticky. :smiley:

Great job so far!


Thank you @PixelGeek I will follow your suggestion.