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Need help in JAVASCRIPT: Scrolling Interactions with Fullpage.js


Anyone else who can help? I really can't do this by myself.. =)


it's not currently fixable - if you need to use the opacity interaction.

I have it working with "move" - but not opacity.

See here:


No, you really don't have it working with a move interaction. You really don't. Do you even read my posts? As in my example, only the interaction on the first section gets triggered. The others don't. The paragraphs simply stay in their inital appearance state.

And of course the problem is fixable. Maybe you don't have the skills to fix it, maybe I don't. But it surely is. So, is there maybe anyone else who can help out? Maybe someone with skills in javascript.


@buntestrahlen - Jaro... I'm a pretty easy going...
- but you pretty much just crossed the disrespectful line there.

You say you are from Germany
- I lived in Frankfurt for 5 years and travelled substantially throughout Europe.

i assume you mean... you have to translate your words from German to English.

I have to translate from Vietnamese to to English
- English is my fourth language and not my native tongue.

So perhaps... you didn't intend to be rude. But I believe you were.

And perhaps... I tried to help. I don't really remember seeing anyone else trying to help.

Maybe someone will try help you after this.

I didn't say the Move interaction "fixed the problem". I said the Move interaction changed the issue.

Some of what is say is not just for you (Jaro). Some is to help Webflow find / identify the problem.

If you use Move interaction then resize the window larger to smaller... the interaction will work.

This probably means the FullPage code changes the screen resize and doesn't properly notify the system - or Webflow does not interpret the notification properly - unless the window resize is triggered.

Perhaps, this is beyond your capacity to understand.

And... Yes. I did read your posts.

I didn't get paid. I didn't ask for money. I didn't ask for a thank you.

I simply tried to help and I spent several hours of my time helping a total stranger
- who appears very frustrated and seems like an angry person inside.

Your time line is not my issue.

I tried to help you... because I think people should help each other.

As for my skills...
- perhaps you should review my profile.

Perhaps my help for you... not so much anymore.


I really did not intend to be rude. I am sorry if it sounded like that. I just wanted to point out that what you were saying in your last posts is wrong. Because you did not get it working with a move interaction. You got stuck at the exact same point where I did. And this is that the interactions don't get triggered. When I say you were wrong that doesn't mean I am disrespectful or I don't like you. I appreciate the time you spent to help me. I really do. I was simply pointing out facts.


Hey revolution,

thank you for your time here. Your answers helped me a lot!


Can't this stuff be done natively in WF. I think it can be done. Anything special about this fullpage.js thing?


You'll find the answer in fullPage.js FAQs:

jQuery scroll event doesn't work

Same answer as Parallax doesn't work with fullpage.js

Also, consider using the callbacks provided by fullpage.js such as afterLoad, onLeave, afterSlideLeave and onSlideLeave detailed in the docs or the class added to the body element containing the active section/slide.


Parallax doesn't work with fullpage.js.

Short answer: use the scrollBar:true option for fullPage.js or autoScrolling:false if you don't want to use the auto-scrolling feature.

Explanation: Parallax, as well as many other plugins which depends on the scrolling of the site, listens the scrollTop property of javascript. fullPage.js doesn't actually scroll the site but it changes the top or translate3d property of the site. Only when using the fullPage.js option scrollBar:true or autoScrolling:false it will actually scroll the site in a way it is accessible for the scrollTop property.

If you just want your text to fadeIn or out, I would use the CSS class added to the body on page change. But feel free to use the callbacks as well combined with javascript or jQuery to create your effects.

I got this answer in another forum. It helped me a lot. This is exactly what I wanted to point out and didn't know how to explain..

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How do you want to achieve this? Of course, the sections in full browser height and the navigation could be done natively in webflow. I did this by myself already. But I would really be interested in how you want to stop the normal page scrolling and make it scroll to the next or previous section automatically using the mousewheel or trackpad.


Hmm. Ok I see why you want to us the plugin. Best of luck.


Hey, I have got fullpage.js working on my site but the only thing I am unable to find a way to do is add the navigation dots which I can see from some of the demos you guys have posted have them in. Any help with how to add the dots would be much appreciated smile


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