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Need help integrating custom code for a Form


I am using a script from Dynamic Drive which I like very much but I am

unable to get it to function the way I want.

The on Webflow page is:

The original version can be found on:

The code I am using is as follows:


<script type="text/javascript"


<script src=""



* jQuery Form to Form Wizard- (c) Dynamic Drive (

* Please keep this notice intact

* Visit for this script and 100s more.



<script type="text/javascript">

var myform=new formtowizard({

formid: 'feedbackform',

persistsection: true,

revealfx: ['slide', 500]



The body has the following:

<form id="feedbackform">

<fieldset class="sectionwrap">

<legend>Basic Information</legend>

Name:<br /> <input id="username" type="text" size="35" /><br /><br />

Regarding: <select name="Topic">

<option value="estate-appraisals"> Estate Appraisals </option>

<option value="tax-appeal">Tax Appeal</option>

<option value="mortgage-financing"> Mortgage Financing </option>

<option value="open-space-acquisition">Open Space Acquisition</option>

<option value="Farmland-preservation"> Farmland Preservation </option>

<option value="fariance-application"> Variance Application </option>

<option value="marital-assets "> Marital Assets </option>

<option value="other">Other</option>



<fieldset class="sectionwrap">

<legend>Your Contact Information</legend>

<br />

Phone :<br /> <input id="phone" type="text" size="35" /><br />

Cell :<br /> <input id="cell" type="text" size="35" /><br />

Address :<br /> <input id="addr1" type="text" size="35" /><br />

City :<br /> <input id="city" type="text" size="35" /><br />

State :<br /> <input id="state" type="text" size="35" /><br />

Zipcode :<br /> <input id="zip" type="text" size="35" /><br />

Email :<br /> <input id="email" type="text" size="35" /><br /><br />

Preferred Contact Methode: <select name="Topic">

<option value="cell">Cell</option>

<option value="phone">Phone</option>

<option value="email">Email</option>

<option value="snail-mail">Snail Mail</option>



<br />

<fieldset class="sectionwrap">

<legend>Message</legend><br /> <textarea id="feedback"

style="width:350px;height:150px"></textarea><br />

<input type="submit" />


<form action="mailto;" method="post"


<input type="hidden" name="subject" value="WebsiteContact">

<input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="thank-you.html">


Please advise, thanks

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