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Need Help layering 3 images in Webflow


Is there a way in WebFlow to Layer 3 images that are gifs? I have done this using Dream Weaver at an existing site... like to do this on home page in Webflow. any suggestions please

thank you.


Hi @bruceo - Short answer is... Yes you can! Just use 'Absolute' positioning on the three GIFs and then set the z-index for each (ie. z-index 1 for the trees, z-index 2 for the blade, z-index 3 for the logs) so that they layer in front of each other correctly.

Regards Kai


You can also layer them as background images. Just give them the same sizing and positioning!


Awesome for all of the help - the issue is resolved for now.. I have it
working... thank you so much. Bruceo

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