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Need help resizing thumbnails


Hi everone. I am trying to figure out how to resize thumbnails so that they are all the same size in height.
Here is the project:


Either make the images all the same size using a photo editing tool, or make a div for each image that has the same height and width, then apply the images are a background. smile

hope this helps


Thanks for the idea. I do want to avoid using a photo editing tool. It's too bad that setting the height for the image doesn't actually do what one should expect.


in the long run, using a simple photo editing tool can make your workflow faster smile


I know, it's that I recently cancelled my Adobe Creative Cloud. But now that I am thinking of it, I do have an app called PhotoBulk that optimizes and resizes. That's what I should use.


yup. there are many free apps that will let you fix the image size. which is all you need.

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