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Need help with desktop site design


My website is being designed on my laptop. It has a wide screen.

So when the beautiful perfect website i made for laptop goes over to desktop, which is more square,
--text blocks stack on each other
--the container block width is just not enough which causes the text blocks to stack
--and stuff other goes wrong.

So... what do i do?



Take a look at the video I recently posted on the other post:

McGuire question: Responsive design
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Thank you mcguire, will do


Hello, thanks for the splendid video.

1 I was told by Webflow "its best to not use side margin, unless it is minimal"


2 Earlier i had said, if i use % on desktop, then when i go to other devices i can either make that % bigger or I can switch % to Px!

You answered with: personally, i would get "frustrated by having to change formats and measurements everywhere between device widths”

What padding, margin, PX / % - based solution do you apply?\ to avoid changing measurements constantly? Whats the process, so you dont have to change stuff around across devices?


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